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Introduction to Mathematical Resilience Course

Wednesday 4 May, 2016

Introduction to Mathematical Resilience & The growth zone model

A one-day CPD course for functional & GCSE maths teachers.

At: KEITS Training Services Ltd, Elstree Hill South, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire

Thursday 30 June

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Price: £100 (subsidised by the Education & Training Foundation. Discount for SET members) 

Mathematical Resilience describes a positive stance towards maths that enables learners to overcome deep-seated negative attitudes & anxiety about studying mathematics. It is based on the extensively researched idea that in order to be mathematically resilient a learner must: 

  • hold a growth mindset 
  • understand the personal value of maths 
  • understand how to work at maths 
  • be aware of & receive appropriate support 

This one-day course introduces the key ideas of mathematical resilience and the ‘growth zone’, and how teachers can apply them to overcome affective barriers to maths learning. Participants will be introduced to practical activities which make mathematics ALIVE (accessible, linked, inclusive, valuable, engaging) and develop mathematical resilience. 

The course is aimed at teachers of both functional and GCSE maths working in colleges, work-based learning organisations, adult and community learning or the secure estate. 

For further information, contact WMCETT Project Manager Julie Chamberlain: Commissioned and funded by the Education and Training Foundation 


Session 1 – Identifying & addressing barriers 

  • Sharing personal insights 
  • T.I.R.E.D. or A.L.I.V.E maths? 
  • The growth zone model 
  • Developing mathematical resilience 

Session 2 – Developing approaches 

  • Modelling activities: ratio & proportion 
  • Supporting learners with challenging problems 
  • Getting stuck 

Session 3 – Further A.L.I.V.E. activities 

  • Making maths accessible & inclusive 
  • Low floor/high ceiling activities 
  • Visual & intuitive approaches 
  • Maths & the real world 

Session 4 – Taking things forward 

  • Reflections on learning 
  • Making changes to practice 
  • Sources of A.L.I.V.E activities 

Online booking here

Following each course, participants will have free access to further information & resources via the WMCETT website.

Maths Resilience Course Outline