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Apprenticeships -The facts for potential apprentices.

Thinking of doing an apprenticeship? Here is a short guide with the the facts of what you need to know.

Here’s a short guide to help you understand what an apprenticeship is!

An apprenticeship is work based training and consists of:

  • The Standard – the industry agreed set of skills, knowledge and behaviours required to do a specific job.
  • The Assessment Plan – The agreed plan of action by the employer and training consultant to ensure that the apprentice progresses and reaches the correct level.
  • Gateway – the point where the apprentice is ready to progress to their End Point Assessment. All programme requirements must be met prior to this, including Off Job Training Hours, minimum duration, maths, English & digital skills as appropriate, plus any standard specific components.
  • End Point Assessment (EPA) – The final assessment comprised of several components (such as observation or discussion) which is undertaken by an independent external assessor. If there is a practical element this will take place at your premises, and you will be required to provide the necessary resources and facilities.


Do not panic, our KEITS Training Consultants will:

  • Work with you to establish your current level of skill and understanding to ensure you are on the correct apprenticeship.
  • Discuss the content of the apprenticeship standard to ensure that you are aware of what to expect during your time on the apprenticeship programme.
  • Discuss Health and Safety arrangements to ensure that you are safe whilst working towards your apprenticeship.
  • Support you throughout your apprenticeship programme to ensure you are given every possible chance to achieve.


The Employer Responsibilities

The employer must:

  • Provide the apprentice with a contract of employment for the minimum 30 hours per week and pay slips. The minimum wage for apprentices is £5.28 per hour, for apprentices 19 or over they must be paid NMW after the first 12 months of their apprenticeship.

2) Provide a safe working and training environment with appropriate supervision.

3) Work with the apprentice to deliver skills training and development appropriate to the job role and industry.

4) Include specific training sessions and supervision of practice

5) Provide help to the apprentice to develop the behaviours specified in the standards to support success in the industry.

6) Work with the KEITS Training Consultant to deliver the apprentice’s learning plan at the required level to be successful at End Point Assessment (EPA) and at the agreed time within the programme.

7) Test the apprentice’s knowledge, delivered by KEITS Training Consultant’s, during their skills training and practice sessions, to ensure it has been retained.

8) Provide suitable space and resources for required tests and the End Point Assessment.


Course duration:

  • Apprenticeship duration is from sign up to completion of the EPA.
  • In some cases, the EPA date can be moved due to learner progress.
  • All apprenticeships have a minimum duration of 12 months and 1 day from sign up and can include a further period of 2 – 3 months leading up to the EPA.
  • However, most apprenticeship durations will be between 14 – 24 months depending on the level, the sector and the potential apprentices starting point.

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Any further questions?

You are bound to have more questions about apprenticeships, and that’s fine! Our expert team are ready and waiting to help you!

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